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Man vs. machine: Swiss AM CEOs reveal tech thinking

GENEVA CEO TAPES: How asset managers are putting new technology to work in their businesses.

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Why few managers survive in 'cutthroat' investment industry

Citywire's head of investment research Frank Talbot reveals the importance of manager experience.

Who will still have a job in financial services in a few years? No one... says tech expert

Futurist Ben Hammersley gives his reasons why its unlikely many financial services jobs will survive once the robots take over.

Daniel Crosby: What traders and crack users have in common

Behavioral finance expert Daniel Crosby gave the Citywire Miami audience tips on how to shed their fears and quash their urges to make better investment decisions.

Vontobel outperformer: why we’ve dramatically cut tech

VIDEO: Roger Merz reveals why his team has dramatically cut their tech exposure in portfolios.

What really drove fixed income in 2017… and what happens next

Highlights from the blockbuster bond managers Citywire Selector spoke to over the past year.

Long on bonds: heavy hitters in US high yield

The sector’s rising star and the biggest money-takers revealed.

Long on bonds: Global Flexible’s fast-growing fund

Citywire Investment Research takes a look at the biggest player in the unconstrained universe.

Credit Suisse solutions chief on the five 'super trends'

Anja Hochberg, who is responsible for global offering of the firm, talks about new direction of fund selection and names five mega trends.