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What Trump is really doing in Poland

Bloomberg New Energy Finance founder Michael Liebreich gave Citywire his take on what the president's Warsaw trip signals ahead of G20 talks this week.

Long on bonds: how the top EMD local currency managers compare

VIDEO: Does wielding a bigger assets base in the emerging world lead to outperformance?

Get out of low vol, warns 'godfather' of smart beta Rob Arnott

Rising valuations are making the Research Affiliates founder nervous, so he's advising clients to rotate into value-orientated strategies.

CEO Tapes II: the active fund industry has 'over promised' on short-term returns

VIDEO: Citywire brings together a fresh batch of top level AM executives to debate the potential path of passive investing.

Standard Life chief: where passives sit in our future plans

In the third part our series, Skeoch outlines his vision for Standard Aberdeen.

Long on bonds: who's hitting the heights in US HY?

Does a greater market share boost performance? Citywire Investment Research takes a look.

SLI chief Skeoch defends Gars track record after ‘strange’ 2016

Standard Life chief Keith Skeoch talks to Citywire about capacity concerns and disappointing returns.

The CEO tapes: ‘to compete with the Americans you need to make deals’

What is driving the urge to merge? Our panel of top execs clash over consolidation.

The CEO tapes: 'clients don't know the risks they are taking with ETFs'

This segment of the CEO Tapes series focuses on the rise of ETFs and what some leading asset management chief executives think about the popularity of passives.

The CEO tapes: start-ups are stealing our clients

From robo to big data, rapid technological advances are changing the face of the industry, so how do asset managers make sure they are on the right side of this?