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Long on bonds: heavy hitters in US high yield

The sector’s rising star and the biggest money-takers revealed.

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Citywire Investment Research takes a look at the biggest player in the unconstrained universe.

Credit Suisse solutions chief on the five 'super trends'

Anja Hochberg, who is responsible for global offering of the firm, talks about new direction of fund selection and names five mega trends.

The fringe bond bets investors are overlooking

Is Turkey worth your time? How do you outperform as oil moves? Cathy Hepworth shares her strategies.

NB EMD veteran: Venezuelan risk/reward is now favorable

EMD veteran believes investors should not be running scared of LatAm country.

Long on bonds: US dollar corporates’ biggest and best

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'This will be the end of human age': AI expert on robots and death

Futorologist José Luis Cordeiro shares his views of the future at Citywire's Latin America Retreat in October.

Catalonia Crisis: Europe PMs will sell Spain and buy Germany

The region’s push for independence will lead investors to ditch Spain, and other peripheral nations, in favor of less risky countries, says World Bank economist Mario Weitz.

‘Entering the unknown’: bond giants wary as late innings linger

We catch up with some of the biggest bond managers around to discuss the end of the cycle, low volatility and a new Fed regime

Franklin Templeton PM: the next big threat India faces

Franklin Templeton's Sukumar Rajah explains why he is avoiding technology firms despite a boom in the industry.