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Latest News - Michael Lipper

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The Wall St. veteran delves into his horse racing past to pick apart current market troubles.

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The Wall St veteran ties together the sudden equity downturn with lessons from one of the biggest sporting events in the world.

Lipper: four risks equity investors need to know

Positivity abounds but it doesn't mean historical problems couldn't re-emerge, says Wall St. veteran.

Lipper: the single biggest mistake you're making

Tech is disrupting established thinking but trying to second-guess its path could be your downfall, says veteran investor.

Lipper: price trends, clues and concerns you need to know

The arch contrarian explains why the positivity across bonds, equities and even commodities could prove problematic.

What to do if Grantham's bubble talk comes true

The Wall St. veteran unpicks his counterpart's doomsday prophecy and offers words of guidance.

Lipper: are we headed for trouble on the way to a bubble?

Is there a huge shift on the cards in the coming months? The Wall St veteran takes a closer look at the year ahead.