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Latest News - Michael Lipper

Lipper: why markets look mildly dangerous

The Wall St veteran has energy enthusiam but continued fears over fixed income.

Lipper: three reasons for fund redemptions

Are ETFs eating up active interest? Our Wall St. veteran says its more nuanced than that

Inside Michael Lipper's allocation switching strategy

The Wall Street veteran urges investors to take lessons from history when it comes to asset allocation changes.

Lipper: irrational investing is not what you think

In his latest blog, the investment stalwart delves into the delicacies of rational stock picking.

Lipper: future-proofing portfolios in flux

Art, science and politics will all play a way in producing the best returns.

Lipper: the makings of a bonds bear market

The Wall St veteran looks at cyclical and secular shifts keeping him awake at night.

Lipper: the dangers of buying the next dip

The Wall St veteran reveals his three major market fears.

Lipper: two signs bond prices are peaking

Find out why the Wall St veteran is fearful about fixed income's future.

Lipper: a contrarian view of current sentiment

The Wall St veteran looks at the numbers to see there really is a shift in investor moods taking place.

Buyer beware: Lipper wary of misleading fund labels

The Wall St veteran says questionably stretched geographic remits or fund names are becoming increasingly common.