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Latest News - Wealth Manager Team

Secret CEO: Cheaper fees won’t mask underperformance

Will clients say it is innovative or convoluted? This week our Secret CEO casts their eye over Fidelity’s proposed fulcrum and recalls why one of their own previous firms decided against a bold move on fees, saying performance is more important.

BlackRock: six important investment ideas

BlackRock's chief investment strategist Richard Turnill offers some investment food for thought for the rest of 2017.  

Family offices: nine ‘fatal’ pitfalls that can lead to disaster

UBS outlined some of the possible disasters facing family offices as it launched a strategic toolkit for the sector.  

UK election shock: eight investors on what it means for the market

A selection of views after Theresa's May's surprise decision to call a snap election next month.

From Trump to terrorism: the world's top 10 economic threats

Donald Trump becoming the next US president has been identified by the Economic Intelligence Unit's to one of the 10 biggest threat facing the world.